I hope everyone had a very happy Turkey Day!

David and I are officially on our way (en route to LA). Honestly, the trip does not feel real yet and I have no idea when it will suddenly hit me that we won’t be home for a very long time. The past week has been full of friends and family and packing. It’s both sad and exciting that I won’t be seeing the faces or doing the things that I’m used to for the next half a year. But now it’s time to make new memories!

I had a wonderful and humongous Thanksgiving meal in sunny California with the beautiful Ms. Jacobs (who, by the way, is also the 2nd funniest person in the world). All the good stuff: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, baked ziti, cheesecake, and apple pie (oh my!). This followed by days of festivities with LA friends has turned out to be a great send-off, and has also broke down the 40 hour trip I have ahead of me (hooray for 12-hour plane rides and night layovers!).

I still have to repack my giant backpack (and leave a lot of things in LA) since not exactly everything fits in there right now… And I also look like a struggling, squirming worm trying to get that thing on my back since it’s so heavy. Probably should have not packed the night before I left… Besides for that and picking up some last minute things, I’m pretty much ready to go off the grid (besides for blogging, email, and facebook…so I guess it’s not really off the grid).

Anyway, I started this post trying to say that I will miss everyone a lot, even though I’m not very emotional when it comes to goodbye’s, and even though the trip hasn’t hit me quite yet. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the last week or so of fun and friendship, and I’ll be thinking of you all!