Last night Dav and I took our motorbike a few minutes outside Ubud to Naughty Nuri’s, an expat favorite that’s known for its mouth-watering BBQ and stiff martinis. A mix between a traditional warung, with its open interior and tin roof, and an Irish pub, with the heavy wooden furniture, vintage posters, and steep booze prices. David and I were excited for a bit of a change. Besides for a BLT here, a chicken burger there, and one Italian Tuesday night, we have remained loyal to the Indofare – an array of rice and noodle dishes with plenty of vegetables and chicken, and always accompanied by delicious sauces.


Naughty Nuri’s is definitely a novelty in Bali. We arrived there on the later side after having a few Bintang besar‘s down the road and walked past the grill in front to find a table and search the chalkboard menu on the wall. We both decided to bypass the famous ribs and each got a cheeseburger – lettuce, onion, bacon, and a side of steak fries and another large Bintang to share.

When our monstrous sandwiches arrived we were stunned. They were bigger and taller than any burger I’d ever had – even bigger that the one’s they serve at O’Sullivans in Somerville, a burger joint I used to frequent back home. Back to American-sized portions, it was the biggest meal that either of us had eaten in a month, and we groaned and held our stomachs all the way home and to sleep, completely satisfied.

Anyone who comes to Bali – don’t miss Naughty Nuri’s!