Did that just happen?

Christmas eve, 2010. Absolutely no different from any other day in the current lives of Tazi P. and David H.

Breakfast. A quick workout. Shower. Internet for blog and email stuff. A small lunch of chicken satay paid for by Dav betting me I couldn’t name 130 countries in the world. Trip to the ATM. Walk around town. Back home for shower. Cards. Dinner of lumpia and gado-gado. Cards. Bed.

I guess there were some deviations. Arranging for a car to take us to the airport on Christmas day to pick up my mom. Buying a dress as a Christmas present for myself. Brem (rice wine) with dinner.

Christmas day, 2010. Our usual breakfast and an hour long trip to the airport to pick up my mom, who is spending 3 weeks in Indonesia with Dav and I and is supplying us with some better meals and hot showers. (Thanks Mom!) We went for a delicious dinner at Terazo, trudging through a thunderstorm to get there and sharing dishes of ricotta ravioli, steak, and miso-crusted tuna.

My table tag at Terazo

Mom headed back to her hotel after dinner, jet-lagged, but Dav and I were not ready to yet call it a night. We walked around the sparse streets of a late-Saturday night Ubud and found the liveliest bar/restaurant we came across, a pseudo-Cuban communist hangout with Indonesian salsa dancers dressed in Christmas red and white. We got some terrible margaritas and martinis before switching to the comforting and reliable taste of Bintang, until we were kicked out by a young Indonesian in a Santa hat.

Still not ready to give up on our Christmas night, we bought another large Bintang at the 24-hour mart and made the walk home, pausing at a lone street lamp to take an impromptu photoshoot with my cheap yellow and pink umbrella.

And that was our Christmas in Bali.