A little bit about me. My name is Tazi. A Cambridge, Massachusetts native, I moved to Los Angeles last September for no particular reason I can put my finger on. I have been traveling my entire life and have been everywhere from Argentina to Zanzibar.

The start of this blog came about when my friend David and I embarked on a five-month trip to South East Asia. We spent most of our time in Indonesia, where I have spent a lot of time in the past, as well as several side trips to Thailand, Cambodia, and Singapore. My original goal for the terrific times of traveling tazi was to create a place where friends and family could keep in touch and follow my adventures. But after I got back to the States, friends of friends and randoms contacted me about how the information on this blog helped them in their travels. So, do with it what you will — follow my list of accomodations on the where in the world is tazi page, try to get through my ramblings, or just enjoy photos of some sweet places. Just enjoy. Happy travels, humans.